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Souss Valley:”Goats in a Tree”

Where do I start? Say it again. Goats in a tree. That in itself is its own reward. It's an occasion and a spectacle that defines the essence of a picture being worth a thousand words. Really, what more is there to say. Goats in a tree.

We encountered the goats on a tree on the highway leaving Essaouria (pronounced is-a-wir-ah) in the southwest of Morocco after we visited the Argan oil women's collective to watch the Argan oil being processed and purchase this most essential of oils. It is both fragrant and therapeutic in many ways.

Why goats on a tree? Apart from the logical answer, "Why not?", the answer is simply, "food". They crack the shells of the seed but don't consume them. In the process, the goats destroy the Argan trees, which only grow in Morocco. These days, the goats are allowed to stand in selected trees rather than being allowed free range grazing and destroying many more trees.

Goats in a tree: Stefan, Jayne & Rad just kidding around

It's a tourist industry too. The goats are actors on a tree stage. Goat models! Or perhaps it's a case of goat high rise apartment living. The biggest drought in 30 years in Morocco has seen many argan trees die due to the arid conditions. They self sown, not planted, although some seeds get caught in the goats' hair that helps the seeds get distributed across the landscape. Attempts to plant and grow argan elsewhere in the world have failed. Plantings in Israel and Mexico either failed to survive or grew successfully but didn't produce the seeds from which argan oil is extracted.

Despite explanations about the trees and the process, I stick to my initial thought: Goats in a Tree. That's all you need to know. I'm going to dine out on this imagery forever...but I won't dine out on the goats.


You want more goats? It's my pleasure to provide you with these tasty morsels as a follow-up to Goats in a Tree

The Men Who Stare at Goats is a 2009 British-American satirical black comedy war film directed by Grant Heslov, adapted by Peter Straughan, and starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Spacey. The Men Who Stare at Goats movie is based on a non-fiction work by Jon Ronson concerning the U.S. Army's exploration of New Age concepts and the potential military applications of the paranormal. This is not fiction. It is a case of truth being stranger than fiction.


Goat's Head Soup | The Rolling Stones (1972)

featuring the hit single,"Angie"

In Rolling Stone magazine, Bud Scoppa called it "one of the year's richest musical experiences". On the other hand, Nick Kent of the NME found the record lacking in originality, stating, "on Goat's Head Soup the Stones have really nothing to say, but somehow say it so well that the results transcend the redundancy of the project in the first place". Eclectic Stefan says it's not one of their finest albums. It has some excellent tracks but lacks an overall unity.


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