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FYI Eclectic Stefan’s Disclaimer:”What does ‘complaint’ mean?”

My previous travel blogs to Oman, Jordan, and Greece have included a disclaimer regarding my posts. It's all in the name of fun. And here it is again, in case you've forgotten or have never read it. Of course, there is one important exception to my disclaimer involving the checking of facts and information. I'm speaking to and about OBIC Joan. No, not Obi Wan Kenobi Joan, OBIC Joan. That is, Official Blog Information Checker Joan. You may remember this formaidable force when it comes to checking facts and OBIC Joan is following Caravanserai. A special hello and welcome to OBIC Joan.


For any errors of fact, myth, history and/or cultural information, which will be as accurate as I can make them, and any inaccuracies will not be deliberate, please file a complaint with someone else and read the fine print about “All care and no responsibility” when you signed up to follow the blog. Don’t look for the fine print. There is none. Never written and doesn’t exist. Any spelling  mustakes, puntuation errirs?);and or grammitical which is been written of…repeat after me, “whatever”.

Finally, all complaints will be placed into a filing cabinet at the bottom of the stairs in a dark and gloomy basement, then ignored. Didn’t you read the paragraphs above this one? As for any of my idiosyncratic and weird eclectic comments and references, you’re on your own. I find a glass of wine helps make sense of them. Alright, make it a bottle of wine.


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