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Cairo:”Breakfast with the pyramids”

We got a hint of the shadow of the pyramids as we drove to our accommodation approaching midnight in the throng of traffic along the highway from the airport to the Nile that is Cairo, a city of 25 million people. That's the population of Australia in one sprawling thriving metropolis. As our guide Said put it, even when 20 million people are asleep in Cairo, that leaves 5 million people driving on the road, walking, and sipping coffee. Talk about a city that never sleeps. As to the driving, let's call it freestyle. Don't think, just drive.

In the morning at breakfast, we had a view of the pyramids that is timeless, monumental and majestic. This is the real deal.

It's the PYRAMIDS!

You can see them in photographs and read about them in books but, as with so many wonders in the world, nothing approaches the sheer timeless beauty of these structures. They stand silently in the desert on the outskirts of Cairo. The ancient and the modern co-existing.


We're here and we love it. They gave us breakfast and they threw in the pyramids as a no-cost extra. A view of the pyramids at breakfast? Priceless. I hope they're still here tomorrow. What did you see with your breakfast this morning? Just asking.


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