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Boumalne Dades:”Gorge du Dades”

The United States of America has the remarkable Grand Canyon; Oman has the majestic Jebel Akhdar; Croatia has it's stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park. They all are breathtaking natural geological wonders of the world. In Morocco, we can add the astounding natural and magnificently powerful Gorge du Dades. Part of the Atlas Mountain range, Gorge du Dades towers above everything and everyone. It begins on the road to the gorge with the rock formations known locally as The Monkeys' Feet and continues through the torturously winding road to the spectacular viewpoint of Morocco's own deep canyon. The power and brutalism of the mountain attests to the forces that created these mountains. Erupting from the earth and gouging a deep canyon through the strata of rocks, Gorge du Dades speaks without talking and impresses without even trying. I could continue with superlative language but there is nothing more to be said. Enjoy the power of the earth and the wonder of nature that is Gorge du Dades.

The Monkeys' Feet

The Monkeys’ Feet (Panoramic View)

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Note: The haze is a result of dust storms from the desert. The photos have not been enhanced to remove the dust. It provides an atmospheric effect of how the mountains appeared on the day at that time to maintain authenticity of the experience. It could be scenes from the depths of Hades.


Panoramic View





The Long & Winding Road


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